In times when individuals and corporations are experiencing tremendous transition and change, many are left feeling paralyzed, uncertain and unable to take the next step towards fulfilling their grand design. Yet, you are more resilient, brilliant and capable than you have yet to see. The Brink may be a personal or professional point where success or catastrophe occurs. You may have more questions than answers or looking for a greater level of satisfaction, accomplishment and/or success. In your greatest adversities, transitions and changes your greatest strengths, creativity and potential become extraordinary. Desired outcomes are more than possible because you are a possibility. Instead of surviving you can thrive as you impact the world of those in whom you serve. There is a great passion that comes when you are living AND leading Successfully Beyond the Brink™.

Welcome to Success Beyond the Brink International where we are passionate about and committed to educating, equipping, empowering and compelling individuals and corporations for Success Beyond the Brink™.

Our core principles are focused on breaking through emotional, economical and physical barriers by cultivating character, leadership and mentorship. All three present a pattern that propels individuals and corporations into a greater destiny.

Personally, my greatest joy is helping others succeed and reach their lifestyle of abundance and joy. Nothing is impossible despite the impossibilities that tend to surround us personally and/or professionally. Any barrier can be overcome; including environment, economics, personal and professional history, self esteem, opportunities, resources, education or even relationships.

Thank you for being our guest and allowing me to share your journey to greatness. Here you will find the education, inspiration, empowerment, resources & support necessary for Success Beyond the Brink™. I am confident that you will identify your compelling vision, eliminate barriers, maximize your grand design, cultivate a lifestyle of overflow and impact the world in which you touch.

Committed to Your Success,

Christina R. Rampersad
Chief Transformation Catalyst & Brink Breaker

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